Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Catwalk Videos

Thom Browne Interview Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 - Paris

Always a poetic pause at Thom Browne, who constructs each show like a performance. This season, direction Japan: traditional house in the centre, Japanese gardens with rose bushes, scarecrow men dressed in sublime traditional kimonos and “geisha men” leading the show. The American designer didn’t choose this country by coincidence, which evokes for him the exceptional quality of materials.

At Thom Browne it’s in effect about textures, couture finishes, and exceptional fabrics. The men slowly walk forward, with clogs on the feet, dressed principally in grey suits, comprised of landscape, animal and floral designs. The designer explains that he used the intarsia technique, each element being cut out and put together uniquely by hand. The work is surprising and incredible, each piece worth looking at for a long moment to appreciate all the details. Thom Browne has the gift to totally transport us into a story all whilst transmitting his passion for beautiful things…

Thom Browne Interview:
It was really about the quality of making clothes, and I think of Japan when I think of the height of quality, and it was a simple story, really just the Geisha coming and releasing the scarecrows from their crosses. But it was really just the beauty and the quality of the clothing. It was all hand cut and hand pieced, it wasn’t embroidery it was intarsia. And then you saw some of the intarsia and the embroidery in the kimono. Doing everything by hand I mean the imperfections sometimes made the beauty and the texture so I love how everything was put together.