Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Catwalk Videos

Paul Smith Interview Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 - Paris

"Independent Mind" at Paul Smith who plays with colours, proportions, and prints, always with humour and joy. After the lesson of freedom at Lanvin in the morning, Paul Smith talks to us about the independent mind…he dares with colours, like orange or a green blazer paired with a yellow pair of trousers, very inspired by David Hockney, a friend and client Paul Smith tells us backstage. It’s a questions of proportions with a slimline and rock’n’roll tendancy where the loose volumes with the jackets & trousers are very eighties…He adds a seventies disco side with coppery tones and of course humour with prints of rabbits and ants, an example for Paul Smith of a successful community life…

Paul Smith Interview:
This collection was very much about proportions, shapes, sizes, volume and then of course colour. The mix of colours is amazing, like the orange, in a way that’s very David Hockney mix of colour like a classic suit but with the colour just coming from a bag. The collection is called “independent mind” so it’s very much about people who dress in the way that they feel they should dress rather than the way that fashion victims are told to dress through advertising or something like that. And that means individuality and of course the ant is absolutely not individual, they all go round in packs all the time and they run everywhere so it’s a joke against the opposites.