Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Catwalk Videos

Rynshu Interview Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 - Paris

Electric pink finds itself in the menswear wardrobe by RynshuThe lower levels of the maison des métallos welcomes the luminous collection by Rynshu, where electric pink finds itself in the menswear wardrobe. The Japanese designer advocates once again the mix of genres. The silhouette is slim, the trousers and jackets are unzipped, the shirts are loose, paired with a train on the back, and the sleeves take on volume.

Exceptional Kurozan leather, only made in Japan brings a touch of rock to the collection. And the classic trouser suit takes on another allure with polka dots and checks, or tailored in reflective materials.

Rynshu Interview: 
 Really the key to this collection was this reflective light through the mirrors, this hologram effect. From this way we use the black and white and we are able to do the light, and the pink. I used pink because I think that today, in our society we’re getting closer and closer between the genders, a unisex side, for that I wanted to use pink so that the men can wear it like the women. It’s true that I started 5 years ago with the Rynshu collection it was really a very rock mix, masculine and feminine, I took back something I bit more relaxed with the colour and we become closer to our genders.

With a summer collection I added all these zips, which plays bit with the role of air conditioning to be more fresh for the trousers, to the jackets, it’s something that I have already been doing for several collections but I focused on the top because above all it’s a summertime collection. The silhouette stays fine, dynamic, but I wanted to add lightness with the tops, especially with the shirts which have an integrated wrap, so instead of adding a wrap around the neck, it’s already on the shirt, that creates quite a light silhouette.