Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Catwalk Videos

Dior Homme Interview Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 - Paris

2000 rose bushes planted in the centre of the Dior Homme catwalk with an opening of a three piece suit, for this new collection designed by Kris Van Assche.2000 rose bushes planted in the centre of the Dior Homme catwalk with an opening of a three piece suit. A suit in multiple propositions. The silhouette is fitted and embellished with a number of details which are personalised, like the zips placed on the leg, on a sleeve of a suit or roses and their shadows embroidered on a piece. An elegant and urban look, for a daytime wardrobe, offering baggy trousers with several pockets, short jackets, and parkas some with camouflage print linings.

Orange brings some vitality to a number of pieces, to the clean line. On the feet, shoes with rubber soles for comfort. A young line mixing sophistication, luxury and a formal spirit with another more sporty. Kris Van Assche who we will not see with his eponomyous line this menswear fashion week since he chose to stop it for a moment to concentrate 100% on Dior Homme.

Kris Van Assche Interview:
I left you last January with a very evening collection, and it’s the same boy but it’s radically more daytime, it’s the weekend, it’s Friday wear, it’s leisure wear, it’s relaxed but with this same required level of elegance. This character understands the codes, he gets the idea of a blazer, argyle patterns, even the sky blue shirt is a code, the white trousers are a code, all is really coded into the menswear fashion and when we radically contrast them with the street elements like the camouflage or like the cargo pants, and that makes a really good clash and this clash is interesting.

They were shadows of roses already embroidered onto the camouflage, it was also an idea of embellishing the elements from the street, to enoble them, embroider on the camouflage, and that’s Dior. Pierre Niney: It’s always inventive, we never get tired of it, even the theatre, I love the theatre, I can quickly get bored, but there is always something in the shows that I love. Last time there was an orchestra it was magnificent, here there was this way of walking around everywhere in the space, crossing each other without ever touching was beautiful, I’m sensitive to that, obviously as I come from the theatre, so it also talks to me.