Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Catwalk Videos

Louis Vuitton Interview Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 - Paris

A live DJ set from Nile Rogers set the André Citroën greenhouse on fire in the South of Paris. Louis Vuitton takes us on a journey, through the world of Asia. Kim Jones has the magic to transpose traditional clothes with an urban wardrobe. The light bombers and t-shirts in satin viscose are paired with exotic prints on blue and red backgrounds. The designs and the cut of dresses from the Lahu tribe from Thailand are reinterpreted and echoed onto baseball tops made in embroidered silk.

The ancestral techniques are used by example, like the leathers from Kobe dyed by hand and dried in the sun. The backpack can be worn like a handbag with a handle on the side. The scarf shines in a pocket or tied around the neck. The souvenirs from the travels become icons like the new slogan “Volez – Voguez – Voyagez” appearing on t-shirts which are on their way to becoming the new must-have for next summer.

Interview with Nile Rodgers:
Nile Rogers: Kim works very closely with the composer and the creator so we were working on it right up until the very end, so my concept was trying to do music which added to the feeling of the show, but not take away, and by the time we got to the end when we said, “Get up off your seat” we wanted everyone clapping but maybe I didn’t realise they didn’t speak English, so they didn’t realise we were saying “Get up off your set” but the feeling in the room was exciting, they were clapping in their seat, so it was cool.

I’m always interested in looking at what designers think is the next wave, like what’s happening and unfortunately I still like wearing the same clothes that I liked when I was 19/20 years old.